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Way to go Meg Bobo

October 2014 was a historical day in the annals of Lipscomb Academy: Meg Bobo rocked the PSAT.  After the announcement of her placement as National Merit Semifinalist, college opportunities began pouring in like LA students on SNAPPLE Day.  Meg Bobo is a rock star, an academic genius that will cause LA faculty and staff to beam with pride for years to come. To those of us who know her well, however, Meg is more than a brain, she’s actually a witty, down-to-earth person who is lots of fun to be around.

On any given day, Meg can be found curling up with her cat Mario watching David Tennant on Dr. Who, her absolute favorite TV show. When she is not binge watching the Doc or cruising to Sonic for a blue raspberry slush, she enjoys going bowling, joking with Grant (Brother Bobo), nibbling Chex Mix, and hanging out with friends.

“Meg is a friend who is there for you and can always make you laugh,” says  AP Lit. classmate and senior Shelbi Sullivan.  Fellow jokester Will Byun describes Meg as “The most Bobolicious person I’ve ever met,”  while Matthew Smith describes her as “spunky.” Emily Wieman says Meg is the embodiment of a cat. She is both feisty and saucy.”  She is a perfect combination of smart, sweet and funny.

“Meg Bobo is one of the spunkiest and most unique people I know! She always knows the answers in AP Biology which is great because she is my lab partner, and she teaches me new things every day,” adds Lindy Kate Gaw.

Meg says that one of her favorite high school memories happened freshman year.  “My friends threw this little birthday party for me and gave me Mio and signed a card with cats on it!” She adds that she absolutely loved her AP Cal. class last year and all the fun they had with Chico.

Congratulations, Meg. You represent us well at Lipscomb Academy. We are so happy for you!






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