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Football Time with Pres. Floyd

Calling the HOGS!

Ladies and Gentlemen, as we enter into this fall season, I’m sure there are plenty of things on your minds. I have seen numerous tweets about the wonderful fall season on the Twitter talking about bonfires, wearing hoodies, getting pumpkins, looking at the tree, and I even heard that Starbucks is coming out with a new fall java for all you java lovers.

What you probably have also heard about fall is that it is the prime time for football. Speaking from the point of view from a Mustang Football player, it is time to have some fun! Your Mustang Football team has been preparing for this season since the end of last season. We have been “grinding” and “putting in work” nearly everyday for months for these 10-15 games.

The team is called the Brotherhood for a reason: we are like brothers. We first of all love each other deep down, even though we may not show it. We fight like brothers as well. During the week, it is a battle within the team to see who is going to get to show out on Friday night.

Most of the fans and students at the game pay attention to the guys who get the ball, the Quarterback, the running backs, the receivers (We call these guys the LA Squirrels and then Clayton Pickens is the Piglet), but what they don’t always see are the players that make it possible for these guys to succeed.

First, we will talk about the LA Scout team. You may ask yourself, “What is the Scout team?” Well, the Scout team is the heart and soul of the LA Football program. These brave men face off against the starters every single day in practice for about 30 minutes. Unfortunately, most of these Scout team players usually don’t get much playing time until they move up to take a starting position. Yet, the Scout team makes the football team better everyday. It takes guts to line up against two seniors who are pushing 300 lbs, when you are a young sophomore closer to 200 lbs.

Now, let’s talk about the monsters that control the line of scrimmage, the HOGS (@hog_chat on Twitter). Most of you have probably never watched or even know who is on the offensive line (Sam Shelton, Stephen Wigger, Sam Jackson, Scott Cole, and David Floyd). The O-Line never gets the ball, never gets their names called out for good plays, and usually doesn’t get the attention from the ladies after the game. It takes a special breed of men to fulfill the duty of being one of these hogs.

We at LA have a long tradition of raising the hogs from a young age. Hogs must be fed more than normal  and they love to get nasty. When the rains come and the fields are all muddy, everyone wants to stay inside, except for the hogs. Hogs love the mud and everything nasty. When Coach Taylor lets them out of the pen, they know it’s time to play. The hogs have a few setbacks this season, but that has not kept them from living up to the hog tradition.

Last week, we thought the hog farmer himself, Coach Taylor, had taken a turn for the worse when he broke his foot and went unconscious during practice the day before a district game. Luckily, the hog farmer survived the incident and the hogs controlled the game, leading to a decisive victory over Creek Wood. The Overton game was not their best showing, but they are ready to grind from now on.

Now, you may wonder whom are we playing for? Well, first off, we want to offer our hard work up to God as an act of worship. Next, we want to win for our school. The student section has been incredible so far this year. We notice our fans and students at every game, and it is a great motivator. Even though I, being a hog, don’t usually get many cheers, I want to pave the way for my brothers who are moving the ball behind me and hear them get cheered on as they gain yards. We as a student body all work together to win. When the Mustangs win a game, it’s not just the football team that wins, Lipscomb wins.


Here is a short piece from Coach Pugh’s perspective:

How would you describe the atmosphere of a Friday/ Friday night at LA? “For the team, Business-like. With the team, there is a job to do, and focusing on that job helps to keep the distractions away. For the student body, Spirited. There is a job to do as well, and creating as much spirit and excitement as possible contributes to the team and school.”

What are you excited about concerning this year’s team and situation?  “The team is dedicated and committed to each other, and there will be good things happen this year.  There will be ups and downs, but at the end everyone will have grown as a teammate, a friend, and as a child of God. This team represents every student in the school.  Supporting them is supporting the school, as well as a fun way to kick-off the weekend,” adds Pugh.

Go Mustangs!!!!!!




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