LA Welcomes New Faculty

September 24, 2015

New High School Faculty 2015


Casey Hunt 

If you haven’t had the chance to stop by the library yet, you need to so that you can meet our awesome new librarian/media specialist. Casey Hunt is a graduate of both Tennessee Tech and Lipscomb University. She grew up in Nashville and attended Ezell Harding. She’s excited to help students and teachers alike with all their research and tech needs and loves to read, so if you’re looking for a new book, hit her up for a recommendation! If she’s not at school, she can be found shopping, snowboarding, camping, or rocking out at concerts. Make sure to welcome Dr. Hunt to our school! By Bridgette Fly 

Sawyer Wallace

Even though most of the students have gotten to know Mr. Wallace over the past two years, there are still some things you may not know about him. He grew up in Montgomery, Alabama and attended Alabama Christian Academy in high school where Mr. Witt was the principle. For college, he attended Lipscomb University, where he met his wife Allie, and he graduated in 2012 with a Bible degree. He and his wife ended up getting married over fall break of last year. This year, he is the junior and senior Bible teacher, assistant director of theatre, and head coach for the speech team. We are so excited to have Mr. Wallace as a full time teacher and theatre director this year! By Alex Vaughn 

Amy Bowling

Lipscomb has had an amazing influx of new teachers and one of them is the fantastic Amy Bowling. A graduate of Lipscomb University, Ms. Bowling  enjoys rock climbing, running, camping, and watching Netflix in her spare time. She has also run in a few half- marathons. Even though she is new, she already is a big part of our school environment by contributing to the Robotics Club. She also told me that she is a third generation Lipscomb University graduate tracing back to her great grandmother from the year 1911. They still have her Grandmother’s diploma with D. Lipscomb, A. Elam, E. Sewell, and J.S. Ward’s signatures!  After asking what she thought about Lipscomb so far she said, “I’ve been impressed with the intelligence of all my students. They continue to bless me with positive attitudes and an eagerness to learn new things! It has definitely been a wonderful start to the year!” All in all, Amy Bowling appears to be an amazing addition to the new Lipscomb family! By Emily Wieman 

Drew McConnell

Mr. Drew McConnell is a man with a mission to teach kids to ask questions, gain confidence, and to see life as a process of continual learning and personal improvement. Though he is a technology trainer of six years in corporate settings and higher education, this is his first year teaching in a high school classroom. Basketball, writing music, running, cycling, rock climbing, woodworking, gardening, and making iOS apps are all things that Mr. McConnell enjoys.
Speaking of those hobbies, he even has his own app on the App Store and  his own album on Spotify. His greatest achievement, he says, is getting his wife to marry him. He also maintains that the Sermon on the Mount holds the most important and most difficult words of Jesus and that the world would be a much better place if everyone lived their lives by those words. By Alex Fleming 

 Whitney Scott 

Mrs. Whitney Scott comes to LA from Boyd-Buchanan High School in Chattanooga. She was driven to be a teacher as early as sixth grade, when she helped her friends to better appreciate and understand the math they were taught. Her fondest memories of high school are centered on the camaraderie of participating with friends in activities such as studying, playing or watching sports, or singing in musicals or in the school choir; being with friends and family is still a common theme in her present hobbies of baking, disc golf, and hockey. She has even gone canyon jumping in Switzerland and skydiving here in the States. Lipscomb and its students have blessed and impressed her, and she hopes her students will always remember Romans 12’s message of sacrifice, service, and love. By Alex Fleming 

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