On Your Mark, Get Set, Go! LA Cross Country

Cross Country Team shows school spirit.

Cross Country Team shows school spirit.

Bridgette Fly, Writer

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          For most people, running for 2 hours every day in the scorching heat after school would feel like torture. As for the cross country team…most of us feel like it’s torture too. So why do so many students run cross country? Probably because it’s one of the best teams to be a part of. And with old traditions like Frisbee Friday and runs to grab popsicles at Las Paletas every Wednesday, that really isn’t a surprise. Just this year we’ve started new traditions like Ali Davidson’s “Tennis Skirt Tuesday” or our themed Frisbee games every Friday. Probably the most beloved tradition by all cross country runner is our annual dinner at The Spaghetti Factory the night before the big state meet.

          As fun as all that is, it’d be nothing if we weren’t surrounded by friends the entire time. I can honestly say I’ve made most of my best friends through Cross Country. You get to meet so many awesome people in all grades of high school. By the end of the season, you’ve basically become a family. And that’s why Cross Country means so much to me. That’s why I put up with all of the hard work, not because we’re an outstanding team (though we are), but because we all grow closer to each other and to God through our running.

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