Senior Spotlight-Beatrice Surbeck and Keaton Sample

This is definitely a senior spotlight because they're shining

This is definitely a senior spotlight because they're shining

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Unique. That’s one word that comes to mind when describing Eva Beatrice Surbeck. She is a lively and fun person who has many interesting, intriguing qualities. She was born in Seattle,  one of the many places she has called home.  Later she moved to Idaho and lived there until she was nine. Then, she moved to Nebraska and lived there until she moved to Nashville last year. Beatrice lives with her mom, brother and Lexi, her adorable dog.

Beatrice plans on going to Belmont University to study Pre-Law. If she doesn’t go to Belmont, she plans to go to a community college to be close to home. She enjoys knitting, going to football games, walking around, drawing, and writing. Beatrice also has acquired a hobby of making YouTube videos which adds to her fun personality.

When asked how she likes Lipscomb she responded, “I like it. I am still learning a bunch of things about it, which is fun.” She described Nashville as a “cool place”, and also said that she and her family moved here after they saw the city on a TV show. They then did some research and thought it would be a good fit for them. Also, since Nashville is a huge medical city it was a draw for her mother since she works in the medical field .

This is just a little bit more information on the eccentric and wonderful person Beatrice is. She has a kind heart and is a great person to call a friend.



Senior Keaton Sample is someone that you may not know all too well, but he is definitely someone you want to know. He has attended Lipscomb Academy since his sophomore year and has certainly made a great impression here as a kind, sometimes philosophical, and pizza-loving (with the crust) person.

As a student intern at Crosspoint, he volunteers with young kids rather frequently. Recently, he traveled to the Dominican Republic, which was a mission trip that changed his whole outlook on the people there and helped him realize that they are “just like us, brothers and sisters in Christ.”

In fact, Keaton travels quite often, and not just to the Dominican Republic. He works for a production company called Blackbird Cinema, which works for Miss USA. With Blackbird Cinema, Keaton travels all over the U.S. to film. His favorite place that he has traveled with the company is Seattle. As quite evident from his work, Keaton has plenty of experience with film production and made the stunning theme video for the first football game of the year. Keaton was one of two sophomores selected for governor’s school for film-making, and his video “Conquer” was entered in the national film festival.

For college, Keaton is considering studying motion graphics and visual effects at Savannah College of Art and Design. There’s more to Keaton than just film-making; he’s a very comical and intriguing person. When given either tea or coffee, he’d accept the coffee. His favorite fruit is watermelon, his favorite non-green vegetable is a potato, and his favorite food is pizza (as aforementioned). If he could watch any movie, it would be Jurassic Park. Most importantly, his favorite DCOM (Disney Channel Original Movie) is Halloweentown.

On a deeper note, the Bible verse that means the most to Keaton is Galatians 5:1, which reads, “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.” “If your Christianity doesn’t feel like freedom, you’re doing it wrong,” explains Keaton.

So, find Keaton in the halls and say hello, talk about films, eat some watermelon, and/or simply show a smile. Just get to know him, and you won’t regret it.

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