18 year old becomes Ordained Minister: Curry’s Corner

Compliments of google images.

Compliments of google images.

Alex Curry, Writer

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Today, my good friend, Alex Vaughn, became an ordained minister. Yes, folks, at the age of 18 she is now a minster. Might I add, it took her 10 minutes to become a minister. In the time it took Montgomery to use the restroom and come back, she became a minister. Without dragging out the intro too long, here is a Q&A of the life of an 18-year old ordained minister.

Alex Vaughn, how did you become an ordained minister?

“Marriage has always inspired me. I’ve always envisioned my own wedding. I even have my own Pinterest board for it. On a couple’s special day, I want to be there with them. I want to experience the joy they posses.”

Have you found any clients?

“I have not found any clientele, because I’m in the beginning phases of my journey. But I have already begun the search.”

“Who is your dream couple to marry?”

“You [Alex Curry] and Christina Hagler. I can not imagine anyone more deserving of my first ceremony.”

What was your initial reaction to knowing you could conduct this sacred ceremony?

“I was at a loss for words. Very ecstatic.”

What is your mission plan?

“To make as many couples as happy as I can!”

What is your advice to future ministers?

“Themonastery.org gets you right. I was nervous at first, but themonastery.org put me at ease when going through the steps to officially become ordained.”

In conclusion, anything is possible with hard work and dedication! An 18 year old can be an ordained minister with perseverance.

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