Alex Curry, Writer

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As one could imagine, being a senior brings awesome privileges. However, these awesome privileges are sometimes outweighed with the constant responsibilities to one’s school. Dedicated with a passion for SGA, leading a new chapel, managing a business, and taking care of school work can become extremely difficult. The multitude of criticism for taking on a bunch of new tasks has been spoken to me by the ones I love most. I am writing this article to tell all the underclassmen that senior year is not the time for stress! One should not take on a plethora of work during his or her senior year if they had not done so in previous years. Being a senior makes you the top-dog of the school. One must know their limits in order to get to sleep at a reasonable time, stay out late with friends, and have an easy school year. Take it from me, someone who has slacked off most of their high school career, do not give yourself more stress than needed.


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