Sheeran Slays with Newest Album

Jessica Chancey, Writer

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On March 3, 2017, Ed Sheeran released his newest album titled “Divide” below is an extensive, heart felt, and loved review. Enjoy!
1. Eraser
The first song really does set the tone for the rest of the album. Eraser opens up with a raplike verse with a deeper message about who Ed Sheeran has become as he continues on his journey of fame. The song is actually named Eraser which is a reference to alcohol being used to take away his pain….
2. Castle on the Hill
Castle on the Hill was released as a teaser for the album on January 6, two months before the rest of the album. This song tells a story of growing up and a childhood. However, seeing as it has already been played dozens of times a day for the past two months, listening to it with the rest of the album feels monotonous and therefore often gets skipped.
3. Dive
Dive starts at as a very chill, relaxed song and then grows into a faster-paced lovesong. He begins singing about a girl who he doesn’t quite understand but she has grabbed his attention.
4. Shape of You
Shape of You was also released earlier than the rest of the album with Castle on the Hill on January 6. This song has a much more lively beat and there are now hundreds of videos of people dancing to this song. However, if you listen to the words of the song there are a lot more sexual undertones that you would not notice if you don’t listen too hard.
5. Perfect
This is the type of song to play at a wedding as the couple’s first dance. Its truly a beautiful song that shows true love that grows from childhood into adulthood and how the love changes and grows as the people do as well.
6. Galway Girl
A personal favorite, Galway Girl is the description of a girl with a very free spirit and who knows how to live life to the fullest. The song is very fast paced and lively and has Irish influence.
7. Happier
Slowing it down from the fast pace of Galway Girl, Happier is much slower and heart felt with more of a traditional livelong sound. Happier tells us of a girl who he was happier with but now seeing her with someone else he can see that she is happier with him and thats all he wants for her.
8. New Man
An ex has started dating a new man but seems to keep coming back to dear Ed. The problem with this new man is he is much more hipster and even fruity in someway in his description. Ed tells us that there must be some problems in the new relationship as the ex keeps asking for some more Ed loving. His main chorus is that he doesn’t want to know about her new man but that he wouldn’t want to know about him either.
9. Hearts Don’t Break Around Here
Following in the love song theme, he sings to a girl who he is in love with and is promising to always be there for her. He is saying that hearts don’t break around here and that hers won’t either.
10. What Do I Know?
“What Do I Know?” is less about a specific person or a girl but instead its about the world and loving everyone and peace. He speaks about how he can use his music and his public voice to bring love to everyone and remind that life is more important than how you look but instead how you treat others and the positive impacts that you have on others.
11. How Would You Feel
“How Would You Feel?” falls back into the romantic love song theme of the album. Sheeran has found himself in love again and falling deeper and deeper in love with this lucky girl. He wants to know how she would feel if he told her he loved her but he is not assuming how she feels and just wants her to know how he feels.
12. Supermarket Flowers
The saddest song of all time. The song is a reflection of his mother’s death. However he honors his mother with this song calling her an angel in the shape of his mother and that he was blessed to have her in his life.
13. Barcelona
Bouncing back from the sadness of Supermarket Flowers, Barcelona is a much faster paced song that makes you want to get up and dance. Maybe even dance in the streets of a Barcelona. The song also has love song qualities that he wants to be dancing with in Barcelona.
14. Bibia Be Ye Ye
“All will be well” is the meaning of “Bibia Be Ye Ye” in Twi, a Ghana language. It is a very high energy song with a positive message and a fun beat that is easy to sing and dance along to.
15. Nancy Mulligan
Nancy Mulligan is another love song but it also tells a story. William Sheeran and Nancy Mulligan ran away to get married even though her father said they couldn’t get married. It’s a fast song with a fun love story that tells of love no matter what.
16. Save Myself
“Save Myself” is a self reflection where Sheeran realizes that he has put others first for so long that he has made himself unhappy. He also has realized that though he was always there for are not always there for him.

“Divide” is a great album that is very well shaped with different types of music and kept the album lively. Great job, Ed! 👍👍👍👍👍👍

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