Athlete Feature: Sarah Hemmerly Bowls Her Way to State

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Athlete Feature: Sarah Hemmerly Bowls Her Way to State

Montgomery Stewart, Author

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Question #1

This is your first year bowling, correct? How has the experience been for you? What’s your favorite part?

A: Yes, this is my first and only year to ever bowl. This experience was amazing. My favorite part was the team aspect. In soccer and softball we are [separated by our positions]. In bowling we are competing together on four lanes so close together.  

Question #2

What have your teammates taught you the most?

A: My teammates have taught me how to have fun while competing. The past year or two year I had struggled with the love of competing in sports, but my teammates taught me to relax and have fun.

Question #3

How would you describe the team’s season (how much is left)?

A: Bowling season is over. [Our coaches have said that] both teams improved so much from last year. The girls’ and boys’ team played so well and had an awesome year.

Question #4

How has the team and how have the individuals performed at the state level? How far has anybody gone?

A: The girls team was District Runner-Up in December, and lost the first game in region at the beginning of  January. The boys’ team was also District Runner-Up. They were Region Runner-Up and lost in Sub-State.

In bowling, every district sends four top girls and four top boys to State. This year, the boys’ team sent Chase Ford, and the girls’ sent [Sarah Hemmerly], Sara Keeton, and Casey Mobley. Chase Ford placed 36th, Casey Mobley placed 51st, Sara Keeton placed 57th, and [Sarah Hemmerly] placed 62nd.

[Last year], Chase last year finished 5th at State.

Question #5

Do you wish you had bowled more than just this one year?

A: I definitely wished I had [bowled] more. I did not realize how much I would enjoyed bowling.

Question #6

Any final thoughts for anybody thinking about bowing or even starting a brand new sport next year?

A: Take a chance. You never known when an experience can change your perspective. I went into bowling not knowing anything about the sport except to that the goal is to get all the pins down. Coming out of the season, I made new friends. [Because of this], I don’t think I will ever stop bowling.

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