Curry’s Corner: The Day I lost My Brother

Alex Curry

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Welcome back to Curry’s Corner! This second installment will focus on the time I lost my brother in a small, New Orleans mall! Without too much rambling, let us begin!

During my early adolescent years, my aunt Sonja and I were extremely close. We did everything together. This included the following: taking your nephew to work, sleeping over in her room and watching Disney channel movies, and going to drop off mail at the post office. Side note, the last bonding experience does not seem as fun as I am trying to make them sound.

Regardless, my aunt Sonja is my number one, go-to aunt. However, when she got engaged to my now uncle Ron, we started to get distant. I felt as though my aunt was “cheating” on me and I would never see her. This was not the case! We still had the same amount of time to hangout with each other and continue a great relationship.

Fast forward to one-year later and her wedding was set in the city of New Orleans. During the preparation of the wedding, all of the men decided to grab some lunch before the big “I do’s.” Not being able to tell which restaurant would be the best to eat, I decided we should go to eat at a local strip mall. We chose to eat at the “Bubba Gump’s restaurant on the lower floor. Starving from a lack of food the whole day, we were unfortunately met with bad news of a 25 minute wait. We decided to look around the mall for any cool shops. My brother, father, uncle, and cousin went inside a Foot Locker. Sadly, they did not have any shoes that fit our personal styles. We quickly left, but I felt something was missing! Ready to be seated at a table for lunch, I noticed my brother was missing! Going up the down escalator and putting our random APB’s I frantically searched for my brother. Luckily, I found him in a hat store safe and unharmed. My mom has also never heard about this story!

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