Avoid Your Sick Friends: Avoid the Virus Epidemic

Alex Curry, Writer

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This is not a drill! Lipscomb Academy has gone under attack of a massive flu-like virus. Falling victim of this illness, I can assure you this illness is not to be taken lightly. This illness includes symptoms of heavy stomach pains, extreme fever, chills, and more. This catastrophe is a living nightmare that will make one wish, never occurred. So far, 5 people have been missing from my Spanish class. One might think the student would only be absent for 2-3 days, but this virus can cause an absence upwards to 3 weeks. My personal experience with the virus caused me to accumulate 8 days of absence and 3 days straight without food. Folks, heed my suggestions to stay away from this sickness.

My suggestion to avoid the virus: Drink plenty of water, consume as much Vitamin C possible, and stay away from anyone that exhibits signs of the flu.

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