“Pudge”, Raines, Bagwell get the Call

Hoffman, Ramirez Fall Short

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“Pudge”, Raines, Bagwell get the Call

Montgomery Stewart

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Thirty-four of baseball’s most dynamic and impactful players are up for selection to be enshrined in Cooperstown forever. Some are on their tenth and final year on the ballot, hoping for nothing short of a miracle to gain the seventy fifth percentage point for election. Others are on their first and possibly only year on the ballot. What will the Baseball Writers of America ultimately decide?

Entering his eighth year on the ballot, Jeff Bagwell stands at 71.6% of the votes and hopes to finally punch his ticket to Cooperstown along with Tim Raines, who enters his tenth and final year with 69.8% of the vote. Both long-time residents of the ballot hope this is the year their childhood dreams come true.

Among the newcomers are Vladimir Guerrero, Manny Ramirez and Ivan Rodriguez who all hope to punch their ticket as early as possible and gain the distinction of baseball Hall-of-Famer. Other freshmen hope for nothing more than the five percent of the vote to simply stay on the ballot.

In this steroid era of baseball, voters always struggle with discerning who played the game the right way and who cheated their way to the top. How will the accused juicers fair? The baseball community hopes for the best judgement and decisions when electing new members to the hall.

Bagwell, Raines and Rodriguez’s phones all rang with the news that they had indeed been elected to the Hall, completing a lifelong journey of sacrifice and success. Bagwell and Raines did their due diligence on the ballot, while Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez completes his first and only year ballot with 76% of the vote.

Other rookies fared well, including Vlad Guerrero with 71.7% and Manny Ramirez with 23.8%, while others  failed to gain even a single vote. Veteran Trevor Hoffman fell just short of election with 74% of the vote required.

Alleged steroid-users Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds both saw a spike in voting, up to 54.1 and 53.8%, respectively.

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