Women’s Rights Groups Plan Post-Inauguration March

Hannah Quinn, Writer

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In light of the recent election of Donald Trump, people across the nations have banded together in order to show solidarity and resistance towards what many consider to be a bigoted, illegitimate regime. Multiple women’s and human rights groups, who connected through social media, have organized the Women’s March on Washington, an all inclusive protest the day after Trump’s inauguration.

The peaceful demonstration will revolve around advocating for women’s rights and affordable healthcare. Towards the beginning of the march’s organization, leaders were criticized for not including women of color and of different religions in their plans. The March later added Muslim, African-American, and Latina organizers as leaders.

Everyone, man or woman, Republican or Democrat, can attend the march on the capital on January 21st.  More than 200,000 participants have already committed to attend, and sister marches are being held across the country for those who are unable to make it to DC including one in Nashville, TN.

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