Curry’s Corner: Smoothie Place Stole $40 From Me

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Curry’s Corner: Smoothie Place Stole $40 From Me

Alex Curry, Writer

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Welcome to Curry’s corner! My weekly corner will provide you with insights on my continuously misfortunate life. This first story details the time my one measly $5, white gummy bear smoothie, turned into a one hundred dollar tab.

During a warm and humid summer morning, I decided to go for a quick run in the local park. Being considerably out of shape, I was gasping for air. I had only been jogging for 3 minutes. Noticeably slower than most, and quite considerably the most pathetic workout attempt, I consciously decided to quit exercising and walk to my local smoothie shop.

Walking mixed with frequent resting breaks to jam out to Drake, I slowly made a once 10-minute walk turn into 40 minutes. If this backstory has not clearly implied the laziness and the easy distractedness I face on the daily, I am unsure of the information needed to make that judgment call. Regardless, I casually strolled through the front door to be greeted by Sarah (the real name of the former employee has been altered for privacy reasons).

Sarah was very kind and welcoming but gave off a sketchy vibe. She asked me if I would like to try the “shot of wheat grass special” and to my response, I quickly declined the offer. I told her: “I would like a medium white gummy bear” and she rang me up for a total of $5. I paid with my debit card and a receipt was printed. She handed me the receipt and at the bottom of the receipt, I was greeted by a line for my signature and tip. I had $3 in cash on my person and put that in the side tip jar. Without hesitation, I wrote $0 for the tip, signed the receipt, and handed it back to Sarah. I noticed she was writing something on the receipt but it did not bother me to question her ulterior motives. Taking a quick sit at the cafe area of the store, I waited approximately 2 minutes and my smoothie had been ready for me to pick up from the bar area.

Tired and extremely impatient to walk, I called my mother to come get me. However, in that very split second I opened my phone to call my mom, she called me first. Delighted to hear her first, I heard her mention I spent $45 at this smoothie place. I told my mom this has to be a mistake, but she sent me a screenshot of my account statement. She explained I should contact the manager, and figure out the problem. Extremely angry and enraged, I commanded Sarah to get her manager. Coincidentally, the store owner was working that day as the acting “shift manager.”  I told the owner that my card has been charged $45 for one item, and they had basically scammed me.

The store manager assured me this was probably an error, and it would fix itself within 24 hours. However, I told him I would like to see my receipt. I remembered Sarah oddly scribbling on the receipt which led me to believe she must have tampered with the total. Low and behold, I was right! I told him the number 4 next to “$0” I had written was not how I made my number 4’s. He confronted Sarah about her evil doing, but she quickly threw off her company hat and exclaimed she quit. The manager apologized, offered a full return, and gave me a month’s worth of free smoothies. Very graciously, I accepted his peace offering and returned home.

This concludes the first installment of Curry’s corner.

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