OP ED: I will never take another ACT

young beautiful woman studying lesson in the lecture hall, worried expressive portrait with vivid bright colors

young beautiful woman studying lesson in the lecture hall, worried expressive portrait with vivid bright colors

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The ACT, which almost all High School students will have to take, is one of the hardest standardized tests. Given to most students in their junior and senior year, the ACT measures student’s readiness for college classes. The test is measured on a scale from 1-36. This test is not to be taken lightly, and most students study extensively in preparation for the test. Some students even go as far as to hire a private tutor.

The ACT acts a middle step, which comes between the start of the college application to the end of the college application, for most college applicants. This adds a great deal of pressure for most applicants in the sense that they want to do extremely well. However, for me at least, the ACT has been a nightmare. I struggle to take timed tests, especially when the number of questions are more than the amount of time given. Example: the English portion of the test has 75 questions with a 45 minute time limit. This is means that a student has roughly 36 seconds to answer each question before time is called. I personally cannot wrap my mind around the idea that a student can answer that many questions in such a short time frame.

The struggles of being pressured to take a timed test, which only measure your ability to take a test, is absolutely ludicrous. I finally reached the breaking point of my ACT testing anxiety, and decided the constant testing fee of $58.50 was absolutely absurd. I kept getting the same scores indicating that this was an ultimate waste of money and time. However, I found a second option for college standardized testing. The SAT is the most beautiful test ever created. For starters, the test is only $45! Second, the test gives you more time for the same amount of questions. Example: 60 minutes for 60 English questions. The test also contains questions specific for all grade levels. I highly suggest taking this test over the ACT if a student experiences the following: timed test anxiety, fear of geometry, or just needs more breaks in between tests. Yes people, there are breaks between every test!

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