iOS 10 Makes a Splash in the Wireless World

Jessica Chancey, author

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“More personal. More powerful. More playful.” Apple’s newest software update had the promise to be the best one yet. The update, which was released on September 9, 2016, changes many ways Apple’s signature product is used.

Most of the major changes in the update are focusing on the messaging app with new changes to the layout, how you text, and emojis. The layout now has more of a Facebook messenger feel with new additions to what you can send your friends while texting. Now you can draw things with Digital Touch and send them to your friends like words or pictures and you can even add a kiss, a fireball, a heartbeat, and even a heartbreak. Another Facebooky feature in the messaging app is that you can even read to messages with an emotion bubble such as a heart, a thumbs up or down, a ha-ha, an “!!”, and a “?.”  Also, you can now send read receipts to only one person instead of everyone. There have also been many changes to the emojis. Most of them now look much shinier and the gun emoji has been changed to a water gun along with the addition of single-parent families and other politically correct emojis. All of these new updates seem to be changing and hopefully improving how people communicate with each other.

There have also been many new changes to other features besides just the messaging app. Now, instead of swiping right to enter your password you have to double click on the home button to enter the password or solely rely on the finger print recognition. Now when you swipe right on the lock screen you are taken to a summary of widgets and notifications. Easy access to the camera is now by swiping left instead of swiping up. Also the iPhone will now wakeup when it is raised instead of having to press the home or power button.

Another big change is Siri can now open and interact with apps. Maps can also be used to make reservations using OpenTable or call a ride with Uber. Maps has also been updated to tell you how long your route will take according to the traffic at the time and to be able to find things along the route on the way. There is now a home app that can be used to control the lights, windows, and locks on your house door. Additionally there have been many updates to other apps such as photos, news, music, and notifications.



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