On a Mission: Jessi Visits Cuba

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On a Mission: Jessi Visits Cuba

Alex Vaughn, Writer

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Recently, President Obama went on a two-day visit with his family to the island of Cuba, making him the first president to visit the country in almost 90 years. Since the Cold War, the United States relations with Cuba have been troubled. At the end of 2014, President Obama promised that the United States would restore diplomatic relations with Cuba. In President Obama’s speech to the citizens of Cuba, he said that he had come there “to bury the last remnant of the Cold War in the Americas and to extend the hand of friendship to the Cuban people” and elaborated on his vision for normalized relations between the two countries.

One of our own academy’s students, Jessica Chancey, has spent the last two summers in Cuba on a week long mission trip and I had the chance to ask her about her visit and what it was like to go to this rarely visited country.

  • What made you want to go on a mission trip to Cuba?

“My mom had been a few months before me and it seemed like a great opportunity for me to participate. It seemed like an amazing opportunity to go and be able to share Jesus in places where not too many people had been before.”

  • What kind of activities did you participate in on your visit?

“During my first trip, our team helped hold a VBS for the children in the  neighborhood. On the second trip, we helped a team there hold a conference for children all over Cuba to come and learn how to better evangelize to people they know because, in Cuba, children can get away with evangelism and sharing their testimony better than adults can in their communistic government.”

  • How did this trip impact/change you?

“I was most impacted by watching the children who had traveled for hours and hours to come to the conference that was held because they had come all that way, and some of them had to sleep in the vans they had traveled in. They would wake up and worship God and learn not only about Him but also how to share Him with other people so that everyone that they know and love may also come to know and love God. They showed me to always be hopeful by how strong their faith in God was. Visiting Cuba showed me how blessed we are to live in America and not be under the communistic rule they experience.”

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