Lipscomb Academy Introduces Virtual School on Snow Days

Olivia Baltz, Writer

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It’s snowing! Yes! No School! Wait…why is my email blowing up?

Lipscomb has used the frigid winter snow days to introduce a new virtual school program this year. Virtual School happens when those big fat beautiful snow flakes come down but  the teachers assign homework anyway via email. This is supposed to help up “stay on track” with our classes. There are some very mixed feeling on this program though because of how it can effect a student’s grades.

After returning to school, often students check RenWeb and see their grades have dropped because they don’t check their email or they sleep past the due date for certain assignments; zeros are handed out right and left. This can really bring down grades leaving students devastated and downing the whole virtual school system. This is not the case with everyone but it has a profound effect on many students.

“When given assignments through email, it’s confusing once we come back to try and pick up where virtual school left off,” says one anonymous junior.

Virtual School doesn’t always have to be like this. For example, it would help if assignment due dates were pushed back to 11:59 p.m. as with some normal school assignments. This might make it easier for students to be able to keep up with the larger than usual work load that accompanies Virtual School. There are many ways like this to help make Virtual School less painless as students pray for snow…and a power outage.



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