Advice from Emily and Haley: COHO and More

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Advice from Emily and Haley: COHO and More

Tough Love

Tough Love

Tough Love

Tough Love

Emily Rose Wieman and Haley Grizzell

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from Salty Sophomore

How do you keep anger from overcoming you in the hallways ?

Dear Salty Sophomore,

Emily: Personally I just take a deep breath and remember we’re all God’s children. That doesn’t work all the time, but it’s worth a go.

Haley: Just run to your next class; then you will not have to worry about it.


from a Distressed Victim

How do you deal with creepy admirers ?

Dear Distressed Victim,

Emily: You just need to be honest and tell them you’re not interested. If worst comes to worse, mace is always a good option.

Haley: Tell them straight, so they will not be creepy anymore.


from On Edge

How do I tell someone that they have pushed me too far ?

Dear On Edge,

Emily: Well, if they’re you’re friends, you just need to be straight forward and tell them. If you keep the anger backed up, it will eventually come out in a negative way.

Haley: Just shake it off and turn the other cheek.


from I’m Not A Trash Can

What do I do if I find up someone talked trashed me behind my back ?

Dear I’m Not A Trash Can,

Emily: Just let it go honestly. Whenever I find myself responding immediately its irrational, so I let myself cool off for a week before I actually confront them.

Haley: Comfort them and ask if it is true. If it is true, try to work on whatever bothered them. If it is a stranger, do not respond.


from Needy Freshman

How do I get the courage to ask someone to COHO ?

Dear Needy Freshman,

Emily: The guys are always having to ask girls to events like this so you just need to take a minute and realize that they are having to do this all the time. You got it man just go for it.

Haley: Just go for it! Guys ask all the time and now it’s our turn to repay the favor.



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