Senior Spotlight on Flynn and Rachel

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Senior Spotlight on Flynn and Rachel

Bridgette Fly, Writer

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Originally from Guangzhou, China, Flynn Chen came to Lipscomb freshman year and he’s been ruining the curve ever since.  “He’s so social. I remember the first day he came, he answered every question the teacher asked, adding extra information whenever he could. He’s extremely hardworking and always makes the class laugh. He’s like a smart class clown.” says good friend Shalom Oruma.

Flynn is taking four AP classes this year, but that doesn’t stop him from participating in numerous extracurriculars. He’s on the swim and robotics team, volunteers, and plays the saxophone and piano. So ladies, if you’re looking for a guy who has it all, look no further.

Right now Flynn doesn’t know where he wants to go to college, but he’s looking at schools like John Hopkins, Duke, and UCLA. He does know that he wants to be a biomedical engineer or major in business. When Flynn wants to have fun, he watches Netflix and YouTube, scouts out for the best food in Nashville, and hangs out with friends. So get to know him by recommending your favorite show or place to eat; you won’t regret it. — Bridgette Fly

Rachel Clement is one of the most eclectic and unique people I know! She is always doing a fun activity or getting involved in something new!  Being the president of Green Club, Rachel has a passion for nature. This includes a vegan lifestyle and driving a red Prius! She is the saving the earth one fill up at a time and one cow at a time as well!

Not only is Rachel one of the sweetest and coolest people I know, but she has a passion for linguistics! She has been in private Japanese lessons for seven years and plans to attend The University of Kentucky next fall to become a Japanese translator. If this is not cool then I do not know what is!

Rachel also enjoys making hula hoops, participating in hula hoop competitions, ice-skating, doing gymnastics, and performing aerial silks! To know Rachel Clement is to love Rachel Clement. I recommend taking her to the Wild Cow Cafe, buying her some tofu, and enjoying her sweet sweet company. She is a gem and a half for sure! — Lindy Kate


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