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Young Life Club Reaches Out

Young Life Club Reaches Out

Young life is a non-profit organization that strives to bring high school and middle school (known as Wyldlife) kids closer to God. They have “clubs” at schools and do many fun activities that create lasting memories. There is club, camp, campaigners, and many many more activities that start with a C.

I have been involved in Young life for eight years now, and I have done more crazy and exciting things with YL than I have while sitting at home eating chocolate covered potato chips. Every club is run by leaders, and the students are divided into more intimate groups in order to learn more and on a deeper level.

I sat down with my leader, Heather Ramsey, and had her answer some questions about this amazing group of God loving people.

What is Young life to you and how long have you been a leader?

1. To me, Young Life is the coolest way to have the most fun with the best people and for the best purpose. In training we’re actually taught to think of a Young Life Club (sort of like what we do in Menu Chapel on Mondays, but times 1,000) as a party with a purpose. The purpose is to bring us all closer to Jesus. I’ve been a leader for almost 4 years, for my entire time in college my entire time in Nashville. (Ahh! Where does time go?!) Young Life has become a huge part of what I do and who I am as a whole. The Young Life community (which extends into some of the most unpredictable places!) has an incredible way of turning strangers into family and it’s a beautiful picture of Christ’s church–we spend time together in fellowship, we do ministry together, we encourage each other, pray for each other.

What is your favorite memory from YL?

2. It’s hard to say my favorite memory from YL. I have a favorite memory from when I was in in high school and going to camp and club with all of my best friends; I have a favorite memory from when I spent a month in Canada working in the kitchen of a Young Life camp there. Probably my favorite memory from Young Life this year was having 20 or so seniors over to my house for dinner. It was cozy and sweet and we just dreamed together about what we could do this year through this crazy thing called Young Life! And it was the first time Cecilia had dinner at someone else’s home! SO COOL! But honestly, I love every day I just come and hang out with you guys at lunch, every Monday when we pack the caf or multimedia and try to wake you up at 8:30 in the morning. It’s a blast. But I’m sure if you ask me in a week I’ll have an epic story from Sharptop…


What is Sharptop Cove and will it be fun?

3. Sharptop Cove will be the best weekend of our lives! I say that with certainty. Sharptop is a Young Life camp in the mountains of Jasper, Georgia. It will be gorgeous and secluded and packed with all of our friends from Lipscomb and the other schools in Nashville. Some of my best memories in my whole life were made at Young Life camps and there just isn’t a way to describe it without showing you. I promise that the only reason not to come is that you don’t like fun. I can’t help ya with that one.


How has Younglife changed you?

4. God has done a lot of work in me through YL. So I was baptized at the mature age of 10 and spent my growing up years trying to earn the salvation I was given freely. A frustrating endeavor, to say the least. Treating my faith like a to-do list makes it seem a lot more manageable than treating it like the relationship with Jesus that it is—even though I was endlessly starting over at 1. So my valleys aren’t dramatic, but they usually come around when I start thinking I can handle things on my own. I can make fliers until the cows come home or send 50 texts about Ice Cream Olympics, but God wants me to just sit with Him sometimes and rest; that’s the area I’m trying to improve. Our Lipscomb Academy team and my YL small group have been huge with that. Young Life constantly brings me back to the feet of Jesus because he’s the one doing the heart work. We just keep showing up.


What has being a leader taught you?

5. Being a leader has taught me to play to my strengths and to lean on Christ in my weaknesses. I love spending time around the table with people. I think food brings people together in a way that nothing else can so I love coming to lunch, going out to dinner with students, having a big group over for dinner, all of that. Speaking the Gospel in front of a huge crowd is terrifying–especially trying to find a way to share it that is real, honest, and beneficial for you guys to hear. That’s where I lean into Jesus for the words, into my community when I need more help, and into God for grace when I mess up.

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