Emily Rates the Classics at LA

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Emily Rates the Classics at LA

Macbeth needs to take a chill pill 4 sure

Macbeth needs to take a chill pill 4 sure

Macbeth needs to take a chill pill 4 sure

Macbeth needs to take a chill pill 4 sure

Emily Rose Wieman, Editor

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Romeo and Juliet– Romeo and Juliet is one of those things that you just have to read in order to say that you went to high school. It’s all right but did they both really have to die? Shakespeare, that’s just cruel. 6/10

Old Man and the Sea This book had lots of symbolism and stuff, but it needs to be more interesting if it wants people to pay attention. 2/10

Rebecca- Dude this book was literally the best thing since Rebecca (book joke). But in all reality this book deserves more props than it gets. Read it. 8/10

The Pearl–  they killed a literal baby 2/10

Great Expectations– I get you are paid by the word Charles Dickens, but is all that really necessary. Cut to the chase man. 0/10

To Kill a Mockingbird– We all need to take time and see other people’s view. #Boo Radley= the best. 9/10





Fahrenheit 451– If you think about it Fahrenheit 451 was throwing some major shade towards this generation. This book has lots of valid points. Give it a chance. 7/10

The Good Earth– Wang did not deserve O-Lan so I’m glad he losses everything just like the Hwangs did. 10/10

A Raisin in the Sun– Maybe what we need isn’t really what we need and the most important thing is finding meaning in our daily lives- 9/10

The Scarlet Letter– So much symbolism… so much… 7/10

A Separate Peace– Finny was the best guy, and Gene is a Debbie downer so that’s whatever 9/10

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn- In the words of Tina Turner “Rollin…rollin’ on a river” 9/10





Tess of the D’Urbervilles– It’s Alec’s fault. That is all 10/10

Pride and Prejudice– This books whole premise is based on the fact that one should marry for love and not for money, but it caves and Elizabeth marries someone who is rich because she ‘loves’ him. That is a lie, and this book is a cop out. 5/10

The Tempest- I literally just spark noted this book because the language was so weird. Story line was good all in all though 6/10

Macbeth– Fam chill 7/10

Frankenstein– Frankenstein was the real monster. 10/10

Turn of the Screw– Were the ghosts real or na? 3/10

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