How To Individualize Your Uniform For Fall

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What’s the first thing you think of when you think of a private school? Most people would say uniforms. Since we go to a private school and have to wear a uniform everyday, we don’t get to express our individual sense of style. I’m here to help with that. I’m here to help you find your own way to style our uniform in a way that suits your personality.

With the upcoming fall season, there are so many possibilities to make our uniform unique to you. If it’s a sunny day, but a little chilly due to the crisp fall air, then you might want to go for suede oxford shoes with ankle socks. Another option is Converse, of your choice, with short socks that have lace at the top if that is your forte. Jacket-wise a light cardigan might be a smart choice. It’s light but sturdy enough to block out that bite in the air. Any form of dark colors such as, navy, maroon, hunter green, or mustard yellow will make your outfit look cozier and will accentuate your look to fit the color of the changing leaves. For hair you could do a messy bun on top of your head and add an embellishment of some sort: scarf, headband, etc.

You could even sport flannel that has dark colors to tie into your look. Flannels add an edge to pretty much any outfit and they are perfect for tying around your waist as an accessory, and they are amazing for when you get a slight bit chilly but don’t need a full on coat or jacket.

If it’s very cold on a particular day, then you might want to consider tights or leggings to shield your bare legs from freezing off, especially since its always freezing in our school anyway. Tights are good for making you look classy and warm without being too warm. But one tip for tights is if they have holes in them try to avoid wearing them until you can get a new pair. Come on ladies that’s not cute. We are here to be classy not trashy.

When it comes to leggings in the fall, comfort is the main goal for everyone I think we will all agree. Leggings are very comfy but shouldn’t be worn everyday, in my personal opinion. Try to mix things up a little bit and keep your friends guessing. It’s always more fun when people never expect what you will be wearing. It makes you more intriguing. Also, it makes you look like you tried that day even though you may not have. Now, I’m not bashing leggings because they are my go to item as they are for many girls these days. All I’m saying is that they shouldn’t be worn everyday, to spare you the cost of having to buy a new pair every month from wear on them. You can have a lot of fun making yourself look cute for school and stand out from the average girl at school by just changing your look every few days.

For days that you are feeling bold try out tights with frilly ankle socks and short heeled booties. They will give you confidence and an extra bite of pep in your step that might come in handy through the day. Also, a nice dark berry colored lip would make your look stand out even more than usual. To complete your look, a simple but messy braided half up hair style could really help to pull your look together.

One very crucial aspect to fall would be scarves. They are the holy grail when it comes to fashion in the colder months of the year. A nice scarf can add so much to a look and can add instant style in one simple step. They can make you look like you are truly enveloped in the fall season. Scarves are especially good for trapping in the heat that is desperately needed to keep you warm from the chilly weather.

These are just a few ideas and tips to help you to make your uniform look more fun and to help you stand out from the crowd of regular people who just wear the uniform because its required. I hope this was informative and please add any ideas you have that weren’t mentioned to the comment section.


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